The best. #yeezus

The best. #yeezus

Up close and personal

Up close and personal


You might remember Keigo Shinzo from this roundtable with Taiyō Matsumoto and Inio Asano which made the rounds a few weeks back; here he draws a pair of lovers fucking maniacally while Godzilla smashes their town. Note that this is *not* dōjinshi, but the artist’s contribution to a special all-Godzilla issue of the mainstream seinen magazine Big Comic Original.

(Godzilla Couple, Keigo Shinzo)

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preview of a breakdancing comic I’m working on right now called FREEZE

it’ll be out next year in a sporty-themed anthology called GAME CHANGER 

probly way too early to show preview material from it. but hey, sharing stuff like this keeps me stoked and I play by my own rules 

keep an eye out for GAME CHANGER coming next year (don’t worry i’ll remind you :3)


Star Wars AU: Everything is the same, except R2-D2 doesn’t make beeps and whistles, and is instead voiced by Kayne West, who is given no script but is just reacting to all the crazy space shit going on around his little robot homie.

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