ウルトラジャンプ 2014年 05月号 表紙 Cover: Ultra Jump May 2014 (842x1200)


ウルトラジャンプ 2014年 05月号 表紙
Cover: Ultra Jump May 2014 (842x1200)

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butthurt white people

I love how they rlly hate to see someone doing better than them & then put it off on race like if a white dude had the same achievements no one would be doing anything but sucking his dick and patting him on the back like this is some top tier hater shit & it’s so funny

White people love to bring up affirmative action as if their entire lives aren’t a fucking breeze

They’re acting like this kid didn’t put in work to get where he is though. They literally think it was handed to him because he’s black???? Yeah that’s definitely how America works

they’re so mad

I’m thrown off by the Asian hatin

When white people get upset about affirmative action, conveniently forgetting why it needed to be implemented to begin with. Oy vey.

Did you read The Washington Post article about this?

Fucking disgusting.

Another reason why respectability politcis is bullshit…because all that bullshit white liberals and white conservatives love spew about “If everyone just worked hard, and stopped complaining blah blah” and we we do “Oh you just got it because you’re black.”…..take note followers. This is why respectability politics don’t work it doesn’t matter how hard to play their game, you are black and as long as you’re black you’re never gonna sit at their table period. Also check how quick white folks went to the good minority shit with Asians, and look how quick the anti-black racism came out with the “I’m asian and I didn’t get half of what this black kid got.”……they are so hurt, to see a black kid shining.

Ugh. This article gets so much shit but it’s damn true. As an asian, the majority of us who do follow the stereotype to work hard and overachieve in every damn way but get passed up by other minorities just on the basis that there’s so many of us already in Ivy Leagues is just unfair on so many levels. All this “they are so hurt to see a black kid shining” bullshit is just so fucking annoying. I don’t even know how you have the guts to justify this kind of black supremacy UNTIL we compare students who’ve worked to achieve the same merits and thus should have equal opportunity to be accepted. It obviously isn’t fucking fair if someone, be it black, white, indian, native american, asian, hispanic, etc gets admitted when they didn’t even earn it from producing the SAME score as someone who got rejected. 

Affirmative action IS racist if it favours someone who has earned less just on the basis that they are a “member of minority”. It’s racist in that the bar is set higher and higher for the asians who try, while minorities have lower standards to meet just because they were born a certain race. This isn’t just racist to the races that have to work more, it’s racist to the ones who have it easier as well. It’s saying you all aren’t good enough to even reach the same heights as the ones who have to work more just to catch up to leverage your colour has over them. Until students of all races are at the same level of achievement (2300+ SAT, hours upon hours of extracurricular/volunteer work, etc whatever crazy achievements make you considered for admittance) and picked based off their earned merits, this is just plain racial favouritism. There is no fairness or equality in this at all if your race is valued more than the work you’ve put in. It’s just fucking wrong.

Yeah, no. See, your argument is based on the fact that all these applicants, regardless of race, all start from the same place. You’re assuming that everybody is starting at the same “square one” and that those from minorities who have lower scores get accepted instead of whites or Asians, and the only difference is that those minorities just didn’t work as as hard. The problem with your logic is that all these kids don’t start from the same place. Do you know how much harder it is to do well in school when your parents don’t go to college? The odds of even going to college? Sure, there are students of lower means who achieve great things, but these kids are exceptions. Maybe the kids could put in those SAT prep course hours if they their families had the money to fucking afford them. I know my family didn’t.The reason affirmative action is necessary is because it will eventually help level the playing field. That black kid who got into a good school with scores lower than that white kid? Yeah, he’s now a college graduate who has his own family with kids who will now statistically do better in school. Odds are they’ll go on to attend college, and their kids will go on to do the same. This is how we get everyone at the same square one. Is it a perfect system? No. Does it help? Damn fucking right.

Also, “black supremacy?” Are you fucking serious? 

Hello new jam.


Awhile ago a friend of mine asked me what I would do with Looney Tunes. I told him I think of these guys as old character actors. I’d cast them in a bunch of funny versions of classic films and maybe even some newer ones. Here’s what I imagined they’d look like as stock characters in an old jidaegeki. 

I actually grew up drawing looney tunes more than comics.


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My favorite scene from DaiRanger (it’s from Episode 47).

Granted, it is made awesome because of what happens in the 46 episodes which precede it but….whatever…I love it and wanted to share it.

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